What I’m Doing Now

I’m in Claremont, California, focusing on these things:

  • Being a husband & dad — we eat breakfast and dinner at the family table every day together.
  • Designing a camping trailer for my family – this is my Soulcraft project. You can follow along over at my Spaceshop blog. I rarely update it because even that takes too much of my time away from working on it. Updates will get more frequent as design and fabrication progresses.
  • Promoting my digital course on 3d modeling — FormZ Fundamentals
  • Promoting my book — ARE Hacks: Learn How to Pass the Architect Registration Exam
  • Doing the Archispeak Podcast every two weeks with my friends Neal and Cormac.
  • Architecting at HMC Architects.
  • Adventuring - Rock climbing, mountain biking, walking and hiking with friends and family. You can follow along on Instagram.

These are my priorities. I say no to everything else: conferences, speaking engagements, promoting anything, new projects.

Last update: April 13, 2017. (Page inspired by Derek Sivers.)